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Verisurf Metrology

Available 24/7/365

With Cloud Based Profiles, you can access your content from any device and pick right back up where you left

Industry Expert Led

All Verisurf-Open X courses are taught by Verisurf's top Engineers, to bring your teams the same hands-on expertise they would if in person

Months of Content

Keep your skills sharp and your workflow progressing with a section and topic for each occurrence you could run into on the job

Earn Certifications

Earn your Verisurf and Industry recognized certification by completing all content, challenges, and tests - and document your capabilities 

Verisurf Training 24/7

Learn Fundamentals of Reverse Engineering

This Course is designed to take any individual from zero background knowledge to full working capability in Reverse Engineering with the Verisurf platforms. 

Ultra HD Video Content

Dozens of hours of high quality video content, structured to get you up to speed

Walkthroughs, Tips and Tricks

Your new live Reverse Engineering product manual


Challenges engineered to test your knowledge, help you learn more and ultimately enable you to succeed on the job


Formal Verisurf-Open X Certifications recognized by Industry, helping you communicate and document your progress

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