Open X Awarded U.S. Air Force SBIR

Dec 31 / Cody James

December 31st, 2019, Long Beach, California

Open X Education has been awarded a SBIR Phase I through the United States Air Force Small Business Innovation and Research arm, AFWERX.

This S.B.I.R. allows Open X to pursue exploration with the Department of Defense, to bring Open X's Next Generation Technology Training Platform and Content to the U.S. Air Force, and the broader DoD. 

Open X was awarded as part of the 19.3 CSO1 Cohort for Commercial Solutions Offerings.
December 31st, 2019, Long Beach, California

Open X Education's mission is to assist the world in adopting technology. There is a significant problem in the world today, technology is evolving at a pace much faster than the existing infrastructure can support. The result is a substantial gap between the ready, qualified and prepared technical talent - and the desire of organization's to adopt the latest technology to promote growth.

What causes slow technology adoption?

To solve this issue, Open X has distilled the road blocks in technology adoption to a few fundamental principles stifling advancement for people and organizations. 

I.  Advancing a skillset or in an occupation is still considered inaccessible by many 

II. Digital Training, which has an opportunity to bring a new era of accessibility, is still considered less than desirable by most due to a lack of engagement or interest. 

III. Millions of individuals are still left in confusion around what clear pathways to pursue to advance their technology skill sets or their occupation. 

Beyond the fundamental issues that block individuals from becoming "Workforce-Ready" in today's world - there exists a total lack of continuity between Universities, Industry, Government and the general public. The result is not only a lack of balance in the Supply & Demand curve of talent, but an architecture that does not have the infrastructure to promote the future we are striving towards.

How can we solve this?

Open X is working towards a solution through a next-generation digital technology training platform, modern and engaging content for the training content and through partnerships with University, Industry and Government to bring people a new solution. 

Our fundamental principles to work towards a solution, are as follows:

I. Enable Everyone To Learn The Latest Technologies. By partnering with technology-leaders, building world-leading media and software teams and by ensuring these solutions can be brought to the public, we can enable a new wave of talent and bring substantial intrinsic value to all parties involved. 

II. Create Clarity Around Occupation Advancement. More than a digital training company, we organize the skills into clear career progression paths - enabling any individual to explore and commit to a path that will ensure real-world value at large organizations. 

III. Bring Continuity To Industry, Academia, Government and the People. To succeed in all of this, we recognize the need to bring all of the major stakeholders together, and to bridge the continuity between them. There is no better time in history than the Digital Transformation Era, to enable this revolution around how careers are developed and skills are obtained. 

“New Airmen coming into our Air Force, are accustomed to a certain standard of media and content – Open X is delivering that quality in a full ecosystem platform that will enable any organization that adopts it, for success”

– Ret. USAF Major General Stephen T. Sargeant

Open X Education began with a team of individuals that were dissatisfied with the lack of existing opportunities to advance a career or learn technology skills. Since our inception, we have pledged to work for the best interest of the people, and we have found this to have incredible value to the larger organizations which need the world's best talent to succeed. 

We see this partnership with the United States Air Force and the Department of Defense as a first step towards building this future we believe in. 

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