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Feb 9 / Cody James

Open X was founded in 2017 to work towards bringing more affordable solutions in technology training to the world's of advanced manufacturing and engineering. 

Over time we have evolved into developing innovative technologies in training, skill development, career advancement and more. Over the last several years, our passionate team has worked day in and day out to bring down the cost of skill training. By 2020, our digital training programs averaged 89% less than market average for equivalent courses, while maintaining our strict commitment to quality. 

Today we are announcing a new model, which is the largest step forward we have taken in the fight for affordable Skill Training.

The All In One Membership.  
Through the years of our founding, from 2017 to the pivotal year of 2021 we are in, the teams at Open X have worked vigorously to democratize the sparse opportunities for an individual to pursue a career in advanced manufacturing and engineering fields, particularly noticeable in the field of Aerospace. 

Writing from personal experience, as the Founder of Open X and as an individual that simply could not afford most opportunities available when I was beginning my career - the barriers to enter the well paying fields within Manufacturing and Engineering, are far too difficult for most people and have for too long even seemed impenetrable. 

This was the founding thesis around Open X, where today, our mission is to develop tools and capabilities to "Assist the world in adopting more technology". 

Open X's Fight For Affordable Training

At our inception, with limited resources and few team mates, we set out to explore if a new perspective of skill training was possible. 

Can you bring together some of the world's greatest in Media and combine them with the world's most experienced in Technology, to create a beautiful, yet highly educational training program - then open that up to the world by placing it online?

We would find that the answer is, "Well, yes, you can." 

We launched our first training program in the Fall of 2017, a focused walkthrough of the field of composite carbon fiber. Several hundred individuals signed up for this online training program, they studied the content provided and bought off by industry experts, they went out and purchased at home equipment to practice - and ultimately, we helped over 50 people find new careers at the world's best companies - from Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin to SpaceX. 

The question our then small team had when seeing this happen, was "How many more skills and occupations can we advance that concept to?" 

Over the course of the next several years, we would continue to innovate on our approach of training, and we would enter new skill focuses and occupations. Our principled approach of story-telling, high engagement cinematics and expert-led knowledge allowed us to bring the highest quality training programs to the world - while our online infrastructure and "People Over Profit" mindset allowed us to provide these to the world at a highly discounted cost. 

Between 2018 and 2020:
The average cost to learn Catia V5 was $3,000 
The average cost to learn Robotics Programming was $2,500
The average cost to learn Composite Carbon Fiber was $1,500
The average cost to learn Solidworks was $2,500

These prices included a typical 5-Day in person training experience, which left students with few resources once they left the classroom they typically would be required to fly to.
By the year 2021 Open X had provided the world:

A Full Online Training Program for Catia V5, for $300
A Full Online Training Program for Robotics, for $250
A Full Online Training Program for Composites, for $150
A Full Online Training Program for Solidworks, for $250 

The general public responded in a powerful way, with a cumulative user/sign up/following base of 30,000 people by the end of 2020. 

How Can We Improve On This? 

This is a question that is asked across our offices nearly everyday. 
We ask it to each other, we ask it when dealing with our customers and we ask it when building our products and solutions for the world. 

To begin the year of 2021, we have asked ourselves

"How can we further improve upon opening these advanced skills to the world? To the public, and to the individuals who may have never had an opportunity to learn these skills before?"

Our response, is the new All In One Membership. Effective immediately, any new or existing user of the Open X training platform, can sign up for a simple monthly subscription and receive unlimited access to our entire database of training programs, for just $50.

No contracts, No Fees and Able to cancel at anytime. We have additionally began a 14-day Free Trial program, and have established a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all programs and services. 

Additionally, as we work on the refreshed launch of our career support services, virtual workstations, resume building services and more - these will all be included in your one simple monthly subscription. 

For the skills, occupations and areas we create training programs for, there is simply no better cost-effective solution to learn advanced skill sets. With 75+ Training Programs scheduled to release in 2021 alone, we believe this is our way, of helping more people get into technology. 

Thank you,

Cody James
Founder and CEO at Open X

PS - A message to our existing customers

Over the last several years you have supported us with the limited time subscriptions we had provided in the past or with your one-time course sign ups. 

We are very excited to announce today, that all members who maintain a previous subscription or active enrollment in courses, will be grandfathered in to the new pricing model.

If you signed up for the earliest supporter subscription in Fall of 2017, or any Premium Membership for support services, you will forever receive access to the entirety of our developed training programs, for that same cost. 

If you have signed up for any training program throughout the entirety of our company, you will maintain your lifetime access, and we will also be providing you with prorated free membership credits to access the entirety of the training library. 

You have supported us for years, and we have never taken that for granted. Today we have reached the stage where we are finally able to reward you back, and we hope this shows just how much your support has meant to us over our time together.

Thank you,

The entire Open X Team  
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